When you know what you want.

Life’s path is never completely smooth, but if the daily bumps are becoming hills you simply can’t climb, I’m confident that my hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire can help. My name is Wendy Henrys and I’ll work with you to focus on ways to change behaviour or overcome fears, and I can help you to find a new outlook on life and enjoy each day with a new sense of direction. With three locations in St Albans – The Hertfordshire clinic at The Maltings GP surgery, The St Albans Medical Centre London Rd and Hillside Gate Clinic – I successfully treat clients for a wide range of problems – providing hypnotherapy for phobias, addictions such as smoking or gambling, plus confidence issues relating to any aspect of daily life – including work related stress, social gatherings or relationships.


As one of the foremost providers of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire I have many years of experience coupled with qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprogramming (EMDR).  I’m proud to say that I have become the first choice for many individuals who are seeking expert hypnotherapy for flying, phobias, weight loss and addictions and I aim to provide lifelong solutions to a wide range of issues.

Many of us look to change the way we approach certain situations but need a little extra help to push through and adjust to a new direction. Perhaps you’ve considered hypnotherapy for flying, phobias or want to quit smoking and need a will-power boost – call me today and start the process of change right now. You may have tried alone and got part way, or simply cannot face the thought of addressing your fears by yourself – that’s when you need expert hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

With access to a wide range of proven techniques and advanced methodology, you could see rapid changes in addictive or negative behaviour, and we’ll work towards your goals at a pace you’re comfortable with. Talk to me today about hypnotherapy for phobias, flying, addiction and anxiety – one call could turn life’s obstacles into mere bumps in the road. Depending on your goal and if you feel this will support you, following therapy, you can choose my quarterly mentoring scheme which provides a refreshed focus on your achievement.

I understand that building a close therapist and client relationship is paramount to achieving success. With a mentoring scheme that coaches individuals and monitors success, and an approachable and open attitude towards hypnotherapy for phobias, I encourage clients to contact me at those moments when they feel most vulnerable.

For consultations at a time to suit you, including daytime, evenings or weekends, visit the Contact page now to get in touch, I’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

MNCP, Dip I Hyp, LPNLP EFT and EMDR Practitioner