See how working with Wendy has helped people, just like you, to change their lives:

Well done for being such a good training facilitator. Everybody wants to come on your next course! I’ve booked a larger venue.
Support worker for MIND in SW Herts – SC
“I feel on top of the world after seeing you!”
“I was very anxious about a family event and worried about how I was going to cope. This therapy made a real difference and was instrumental in me having an enjoyable experience – I found that I was calm and energised at the same time. I would definitely endorse NLP, Hypnotherapy and you Wendy.”
“What a revelation. You have enabled me to see things from a different perspective and aspects in my life now make so much more sense, on so many levels. I’d heard you were good!”
“You are the best trainer we have ever had.”
Resident’s Chairman from Aldwyck Housing Association
 “I can’t imagine putting a roll up of burning leaves in my mouth again!”
GC new non smoker
“For the first time ever I felt relaxed on a plane. You have completely changed my life.”
“You’ve cured me! I’m on top of the world! Thank you so much.”    Sarah
“You are the go-to girl for therapy.“    MT “Thank you for everything you have helped me with, I am a different person.”   AW
“It was 6 months on 9th May that I became a non-smoker again! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to give up cigarettes for good after so many years…it’s really quite amazing! What you do is so very important – your support helps people change their lives for the better!”  SR “Hypnotherapy successfully turned off the mental triggers which have kept me smoking for years. I used nicotine gum, very sparingly, to cope with the physical withdrawal but it was the new, positive, smoke-free image that you helped me build for myself that made giving up smoking far easier than I had anticipated.”  GK
“Maybe it would have been easier to give up chocolate altogether, but with your hypnotherapy and techniques I am noticing greater control.”
“Just had a meeting and we like everything you suggested. Can we book you weekly for 10 weeks instead of 8?”
LB – Co-ordinator MIND in East Hertsmere
“A lifelong problem with the results of bullying (was) resolved in 1 session!!”    FD – client’s mother “I feel so much better, so much more in control.”
 The 100kg barrier has been smashed and am now in double figures for the first time in ages! Total discarded since I saw you just 4 weeks ago is 4kgs!!!  JN – client for weight loss  ”Whatever the issues people were there to deal with, Wendy taught the class in such a way that it was perfect for everyone… I really enjoyed myself. We learned so much in a short space of time”
“Wendy led a really interesting workshop that explored lots of ideas that were unfamiliar to me. She achieved a good dynamic between a group of people who had been strangers onle a few minutes beforehand!” “Wendy is not just deeply knowledgeable, she is also warm, friendly, welcoming and individually supportive”
“Wendy and hypnotherapy cures vertigo! to say I am delighted is an understatment1″ NC  ”simply brilliant!”