Courses and Speaking engagements

I regularly run in-house courses at statutory, voluntary and private client premises and off-site locations in Herts, London, Nth London, Beds, Bucks and Essex. Contact me to discuss your objectives and duration. See examples below or contact me about my bespoke service. If you are interested in group sessions for stress management or to learn the tools to use to change old habits, contact me to find out more.

My work also provides an informative and educational topic for events and after dinner speaking.

Course Details
High Performing Student Programme Combat exam stress and lack of confidence. Ask your teachers to contact me to provide this course in your school. Three sessions provide techniques to use all through your life so you perform at your best.
Managing Stress and Anxiety A full day course covering physiological symptoms and coping techniques.
This course can be broken down into two half days.
Corporate Stress Management Learn lifetools to relax, motivate & enthuse: quarterly 2 hour group sessions available for employers as part of their proactive HR policy for staff stress management. From £1.99 pe/pm.
Preparing for Return to Work
(following illness, redundancy or career break)
A full day course combining coaching with practical help on CV preparation,  interview techniques and coping with nerves. Can be booked as two half days.
Using NLP – Understanding Yourself & Your Colleagues For team building. We are the result of our own experiences and this makes us unique. This course offers an enjoyable day of finding out what makes you, and the people around you, behave the way they do. Tailor-made towards a work environment. Statutory or voluntary – anyone who wants to thrive in a successful team.
Using NLP – Understanding You & Your Family/Friends As above but aimed at friends and family groups, get your group together and contact me to arrange a date.
Personal Development Utilising NLP and my experience from being Head of Communications within a large organisation.
(half day courses)
- Tackling the Time Bandits
- Effective Communication
- Planning Annual Reports
- Developing Assertiveness