Group sessions

Old habits, behaviour and thoughts. Sometimes it’s easier to begin the change process with the support of a group. That’s why Ive introduced sessions for up to 12 people at the St Albans Medical Centre to show you how to get a head start. Please ring t 01727 812925 and book your place.

The 2 1/2 hour course gives you knowledge and the tools to use to move forward.

Whatever change in behaviour you seek, come and learn how to regain control and

  • Stop smoking
  • Control Weight
  • Gain confidence
  • Calm interview / public speaking nerves
  • Manage stress
  • Improve communication
  • Combat fears and phobias
  • Leave your past behind

If you prefer an individual approach, with specific personalised hypnotherapy simply book your personal consultation instead.

Workplace Stress. It is no surprise that absenteeism is reduced and work performance is increased through periodic stress reduction hypnotherapy. But did you know that many corporate HR policies now include access to this as part of their proactive commitment to their employees? Here in St Albans, you can choose to arrange quarterly sessions at your place of work, if a suitable room is available, or enable your employees to attend dedicated stress management courses at The St Albans Medical Centre.  Are your employees worth 2 hours 4 times per year?   Sessions cover stress reduction plus coping techniques. Contact me to find out more and to arrange what you want for your staff.