You hold the key

I work with people who have fears, ambitions, problems, goals, disorders and more. No matter what your issue, I can help. And the great news is that, even though you may not always feel it, you are the one who can make that change happen. I help with with a mix of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP skills and support plus EFT and EMDR, but you’re the one who’s in control.

How long will it take?

There’s no ‘normal’ amount of time it takes to make an adjustment. As a guide, most of my clients visit around 3-5 times (naturally it’s no problem if further appointments are needed). When our work together is done, clients have adopted new habits, confidently quit old routines and are meeting new targets. Here’s how it works:

Initial consultation

Step 1: Together we make a pact to find the best way to effect the wanted change

Step 2: We identify your needs and ascertain how you feel

Step 3: We discuss the type of treatment(s) required so you can achieve the results you want

Subsequent consultations

Step 4: Together we cheer the progress you have made

Step 5: We identify any barriers or specific problems and work on these together

Step 6: I support you on your journey to greater happiness and well-being!

Why don’t you make that step now? An investment of around 5 hours could change your life – forever.