“Everybody wants to come on your next course! I’ve booked a larger venue.”
Support worker for MIND in SW Herts

We have all had times when we’ve felt ‘butterflies’ in our stomach, a pounding heart, our throat closing or shoulders tightening up. Usually this is a natural reaction to life’s trials and challenges; as we worry, we place our body into its protective ‘fight or flight’ response as if we were actually experiencing it in reality.

However, things become a problem when anxiety affects how we think, anticipate or behave. We all have areas where we feel unsure about our ability to cope, worry too much, see ourselves in our worst nightmare scenario or fear being judged as failing in some way.

You may find it helpful to learn that excessive worrying, or rehearsing of things that may go wrong, has an interesting effect in our subconscious mind. The anxiety stimuli begin in our conscious mind and our body responds with physical symptoms pulled from our subconscious.

I will help you understand how this mind and body link works and how you can regain control. Through the use of a tested course of techniques you will understand what triggers your anxiety, how to counteract it and be able to move forward.

Talk to me today about resolving your anxiety issues. Choose individual consultation appointments where I work with you on your concerns or b0ok your place on groups sessions on the second Wednesday evening and Satarday afternoon at The St Albans Medical Centre 11 London Road St Albans AL1 1LA on 01727 812925 to learn the tools you need to use to move forward.

There are many indications of anxiety which include: digestive problems, nausea, trembling, headaches and excessive perspiration. If you notice any unusual indicators, please visit your GP for advice on eliminating causes that could be causing these symptoms.