Getting you where you want to be!

“Thank you for everything you have helped me with, I am a different person.”
AW – Client

The word coaching means different things to different people.¬† I offer a practical¬† psychodynamic approach which explores the person, your background, what is getting in the way and what you want to achieve. People look for coaching in many areas of their lives and two examples are given below. Talk to me if there is another area you’d like to cover.

Job interview preparation
Many of us get nervous before job interviews and would like to stay calm to create that all-important positive first impression. This is particularly crucial as one report has stated a panel of people can make up its mind, one way or the other, in just 12 seconds. Coaching helps to make the first impression a winning one. By introducing you to techniques to calm emotions and to stay in touch with your rational mind, you are able to present yourself at your best and promote your abilities.

Executive coaching
Professional coaching can help if you detect an area in your professional life you’d like to improve such as a new job, team or responsibilities or in preparation for your next step up the ladder. We work together to identify your strengths and maximise your capabilities. A key element in this process is recognising expertise and being honest about where improvements can be made. After all, how many people do we know who are excellent at technical issues and interpersonal relationships?¬† Usually we have a preference for one or the other. We also dispel some myths. For example, communication is not about being direct and blunt, but learning to express yourself in clear and constructive terms. Feedback you receive at work determines your success or shows you where you can make enhancements.