Moving on, striding out – the new confident you!

” I was very anxious about a family event and worried about how I was going to cope. This therapy made a real difference and was instrumental in me having an enjoyable experience – I found that I was calm and energised at the same time. I would definitely endorse NLP, Hypnotherapy and you Wendy.”
GJ – Client

Life is a challenging affair and if there are areas where we don’t feel confident, it can be a real trial to undertake tasks or actions. Building confidence can feel like you’re about to climb a huge mountain – but it’s one you can conquer. In a safe environment we search back through past experiences to release the emotions that allow you to move forward in a more confident way.

We talk through the your first memories of these negative feelings. This takes you back to younger years and often your childhood. If we experience a strong emotional event when we are too young to deal with it, the mind represses the emotion and tucks it away in the ‘unfinished business’ part of the brain. As these feelings have not been processed, they tend to prowl around our subconscious and bring about a range of symptoms which cause feelings of uncertainty.

Following the release, the therapy is focused on the future and specifically where you want to be more confident. This could be with peers or family members; giving presentations or speeches; or talking to medical or financial professionals. Everyone has their own idea of where an increase in confidence would help and, with my skills and experience, my role is to facilitate your development.

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