When terrors and fears rule us

“I feel so much better, so much more in control.”
RH – Client

Most of us have small things we don’t like or try to avoid, but when these fears and phobias become so large they start to take over our lives, it becomes a serious problem. Irrational fear, total horror – dealing with them can be a full-time job.

Remember we are all born with a clean slate with no likes, dislikes, fears or phobias. It is as we grow and have different experiences we can develop an aversion to something that can, at best annoy us or, at worst really get in the way of living life to the full.

The list of such fears or phobias is endless and the effect they have on us takes many forms but, as we were not born with these feelings, they are not a permanent part of our lifestyle. I use a unique blend of therapies and the same process that placed the fear into our conscious mind to gently eradicate it. I have helped clients overcome many different fears from eating out in public, heights, needles, spiders, a fear of dental work to being unable to walk into a supermarket in case they see a picture of a crab.

Why not overcome your phobia or fear by contacting me today? Choose individual therapy where I work with you on your concerns or  join the new group sessions to learn the tools you need to use to regain control.