Fear of flying – leave it behind you

” For the first time ever I felt relaxed on a plane. You have completely changed my life.”
MP – Client

Think about getting on a plane for a business trip or holiday. What’s your reaction? Are you starting a panic attack? Is your heart beginning to pound? Are you sweating profusely?  Are your hands or other limbs shaking? Or do you have the feeling you’re about to have a heart attack? Relax, don’t worry, you’re on the ground and in the right place to change these feelings.

These are all usual reactions for people who’re scared of flying. The reasons for their fear are as many as the symptoms themselves and can be so acute some people can’t walk into a travel agent for terror of how they may feel.

To overcome this dread I work with you to use your experience in a positive way. By explaining your mind is strong enough to produce this physical reaction – I demonstrate how we can use that strength to produce a calmer reaction. Together we agree a specific, realistic goal and I help you move towards it using a mix of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.

And the best result for me? Receiving a postcard from you after you’ve taken your flight!

Talk to me and find out how you can take off.