Stop smoking – now and forever

“…it really is quite amazing. What you do is so very important”
SR – Client

We’re all aware of the health risks associated with smoking, not to mention the stigma society puts on smokers; so why do so many of us continue to smoke? The answer is it gives us something that is meeting an emotional, personal need. For some it’s the enjoyment of the ritual with friends, for others its a treat or reward or its the pleasure it gives us when we’re bored and unhappy.

When you analyse these reasons it’s clear that smoking is habitual behaviour. At some point a habit of smoking was established in your mind at an emotional time and probably over a long period of time.

So, the good news is smoking is a habit, just like any other, and it’s one you CAN change. Greater news is that prior to lighting up for the first time, your body and mind worked perfectly well without smoking so you are not asking yourself to do anything you have not done before. You are choosing to return to being a non smoker and all those memories can be reactivated through NLP and hypnotherapy.

A person’s physical dependency on nicotine is only a small part of the habit and one that can be eliminated, with your motivation to change, in a couple of days. What’s left is the habitual behaviour for example the hand to mouth motion, the association of relaxation and well being or the antidote to your stress or anger. Together we will isolate what smoking is ‘giving’ you and look for alternatives you can use in place of a piece of paper full of burning leaves and chemicals.

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