Kicking the habit

“You’ve cured me! I’m on top of the world! Thank you so much.”
Sarah – Client

What repetitive behaviour have you decided to change? This is actually the first step to conquering unwanted habits, making up your mind to leave it behind you.

Nail biting, bed wetting, hair pulling, performing ‘rituals’ and even a habit of self doubt can be turned around. To begin, I will explain the way our brain collects and uses our repetitive actions and show you how to remove their strength. As you feel motivated to change, I will help you succeed with tested NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.

I have found that my clients who practise the techniques on a daily basis see the best results, usually within 3–4 weeks. The more attention you apply to kicking your unwanted habit, the quicker you will feel the difference.

You can stop that habit – reach out and make your consultation today!

For help on specific habits please see the following pages: Giving up Smoking and Weight Control.

Contact me to arrange private consultations where I work with you on your concerns or you may choose to attend my NEW and unique group sessions on the second Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon of each month to learn the tools you need to use to move forward. Book a place on a group course by ringing 01727 812925.