Losing weight – long term

“Maybe it would have been easier to give up chocolate altogether but with your hypnotherapy and techniques I am noticing greater control.”
VW – Client

Obesity is a growing problem (if you’ll pardon the pun) which explains why the diet industry is so huge. There is, however, a sad fact: for the overwhelming majority of people, diets simply don’t work. Diets, as they are usually presented, have two fundamental weaknesses:

Firstly, they have a beginning – you start your diet, a middle – you eat what are often unhealthy meals, and an end – when you’ve reached your target weight, you stop. What happens afterwards? You return to your regular food and put back on all the weight you’ve lost, if not more. This is a simplification, but isn’t very far from the truth.

Secondly, diets don’t address what is the most important aspect: your emotional relationship with food. Slim people think about food when they’re hungry – it’s (enjoyable) fuel. Overweight people usually think about food more often and use it as a reward or for stress and boredom relief.

When you work with me to regain control of your weight we won’t talk diets or exercise and I won’t tell you what you can and cannot eat. Instead I use hypnotherapy and NLP to prepare and then change your mind and your relationship with food. Armed your own choice of a healthy eating plan, you will find it easier to stick to your goals and achieve your target weight.

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