Making Change Happen: Bespoke Courses

Team development courses tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience. I work with you to understand the issues you face, identify your needs, and agree outcomes. I then design a course to meet your brief and deliver it;  incorporating a range of activities such as individual reflection, whole group discussion and small group workshops to meet all learning styles. Courses are delivered at your premises or a venue convenient to you.

Why should you consider me?

If you and your team want to develop skills and resilience at times of personal, team or organisational change you have come to the right place. I conduct highly personalised and tailored training programmes that would enable you, your team and / or your organisation make positive change and achieve your desired outcomes. This encompasses development in personal, private or statutory businesses, education, sports and performing arts. By investing in yourself and your team you will access tools and learn techniques that will be with you forever. A number of clients tell me the skills they learn also help them with family and friend dynamics!

Please get in touch to talk through what you want to achieve.